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Express Entry - Or is it Super Express Entry

If we go back to Saturday, February 13, we can find something truly historic: Canada issued 27,332 invitations to apply to permanent residence in Canada. Now this may not seem earth shattering to those not aware of or involved in an effort to emmigrate to Canada on a permanent basis, but it truly is.

If one considers, that in an normal draw, 3,000 to 5,000 invitations are issued to come to Canada, the enormity of the announcement becomes clearer. Add to that the fact that a minimum point score of 75 was applied (Candidates are ranked on language skills, Canadian work experience, education, link to Canada etc) when the norm in 2020 was around 450 points. On top of that, the draw was for those that had applied under the Canadian Experience Class, that is having at least one year of Canadian work experience in a qualifying job.

The decision speaks to the Canadian Governments desire to try and reach immigration targets that are deemed important to keep with the goals the country set to keep current and future economic growth happening. Canada invited less than 200,000 people in 2020 to become permanent residents, well short of the goal of approximately 350,000. With the pandemic still with us, it is likely that more effort will have to be made to meet the 2021 goal and the shortfalls created by the previous year. So what are the implications for those seeking to come to Canada permanently?

The answer is unclear, but there may be similar draws in the other Express Entry streams (Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program) programs where the points required is lowered to increase the number of candidates accepted.

Now may be the time to get into the Express Entry pool, in anticipation of more eligible candidates being invited to apply for permanent residence. If you are thinking of applying, get your educational credentials (if your schooling was outside Canada) assessed, do your language testing and submit. Now maybe the time to fulfill your Canadian dream.

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janardan sapkota
janardan sapkota
Apr 28

Is it possiable to apply from nepal


Jan 04, 2022

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